Come-See-Me Festival 2021 COVID-19 Protocols

The Come-See-Me Festival implements the following protocols in accordance with CDC, SCDHEC, and the City of Rock Hill approved guidelines for COVID-19 procedures:

  1. Policies will be in place for symptomatic staff, volunteers, and contracted vendors. Individuals that have come in contact with a COVID-19 positive individual, shows symptoms, or who have a temperature of 100.4 F or above will be asked to leave.
  2. A designated isolation area will be provided for volunteers or attendees who may become ill during the event.
  3. Private EMS services will be contracted to treat or assist attendees, volunteers, or vendors that may become ill or need assistance during the event.
  4. Personal protective equipment appropriate for the event such as masks and gloves will be provided. Hand sanitizer will be provided to all volunteers.
  5. All events will take place outside.
  6. Expectations and guidelines for all volunteers, vendors, and festival attendees will be communicated in advance and through signage at events.
  7. All Come-See-Me festival events are being reworked to allow for social distancing.
  8. Divided entrance and exit areas with pedestrian flow will be provided for all events with signs reminding attendees to socially distance as they move in and out of the events and 6-foot markers provided.
  9. Attendees will be asked to wear masks when entering, exiting, or moving about within events.
  10. All attendees will be asked to adhere to current social distancing guidelines and remain 6’ apart. Any place that does have a naturally forming line will have waiting areas clearly marked that are 6’ apart. Any events with food vendors will not be placed together, to avoid congregating.
  11. Pre-registration and volunteers counting people entering/exiting will be used when appropriate to allow for crowd control.
  12. Any seating areas will be properly marked to ensure social distancing
  13. Trash cans will be located throughout the venue with trash monitored and disposed of into on site dumpster provided more regularly to ensure bins do not exceed capacity.
  14. Hand sanitizer stations with provisions will be located throughout the viewing and vendor areas.
  15. Common seating and Restroom attendees will be provided to maintain and clean surfaces in and around seating areas and restrooms. Special attention will be paid to door handles, locks, tissue holders, and faucets for regular sanitation.
  16. Electronic purchases are encouraged and designated money handlers handle cash.
  17. All third party vendors will be required to provide COVID-19 safety precautions in advance to participate. No shared condiment service, utensils, food containers, etc will be permitted.


  1. All guidelines and expectations will be communicated to attendees and volunteers in advance as well as at each event through signage and verbal instruction at entrances.
  2. Information concerning COVID-19 guidelines will be communicated via social media, within promotional materials provided for each event, on our website, and in our Festival mobile app.
  3. Signage will be visible, clear, and located throughout the event venues.
  4. We will meet with City of Rock Hill officials, City of Rock Hill Police, and EMS to communicate and implement emergency planning and make adjustments accordingly.
  5. The new CSM Festival mobile app will allow for push notifications that enable us to send reminders to attendees about policies regarding masks and social distancing.
  6. The CSM Festival app will also allow us to message attendees and volunteers in the event that public safety or health announcements need to be made.