The Festival has been postponed

In helping to combat the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we have decided to postpone the 2020 Come-See-Me Festival.

A Festival Full of Fun!

For more than 50 years, the Come-See-Me Festival has served as Rock Hill’s annual salute to spring. With nearly 80 events and activities, there’s something for everyone. Join us April 16 – April 25, 2020 and experience our beautiful gardens, friendly folks, and all the fun the festival has to offer.

The unveiling of each year’s custom-designed logo is always one of the most highly anticipated events in Rock Hill.

About the 2020 logo and theme

“When I was asked to be the Chair of the 2020 Festival, I immediately began to think of what I’d like for the design to incorporate. As some of you may know, each year the festival chair designs their logo, by working closely with the Vernon grant committee to select one of Vernon’s frog designs and background elements. Looking through the past designs, I found that we hadn’t had a patriotic design in many years. In chatting with Allan Miller, the Vernon Grant committee chair, we started to brainstorm several ideas. And then, the sun, moon and stars aligned, because last Summer, Rock Hill was awarded the All-America City award, for the second time, and I instantly knew that I had to use the Come-See-Me logo from 1971. When Rock Hill was awarded the All-America City award in 1969, Vernon created this image to commemorate the prestigious award. So, there was no question, I had to use this same image, but with an update to the color scheme. I am thrilled that this logo, that is rich in history is making its way back to the festival and I hope you like it as much as I do! “

– Susan Golder, Festival Chair