2018 Festival Chair & Board

Chet Tucker is the 2018 Come-See-Me Festival Chair. Chet’s involvement with Come-See-Me started in 2007 when he served as a Team Leader. He was named a Festival Vice Chair in 2016 and continued in that role for the 2017 festival.

In addition to working with Come-See-Me, Chet is also involved with many other local organizations. He is a supporter of Cherokee Conservation Corps, Chester County Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of Chester County, York County Sports Hall of Fame, and the United Way of York and Chester Counties. He also serves as an on-air voice for high school football and basketball broadcasts on WRHI.

Chet is a Rock Hill native. A graduate of Northwestern High School and the University of South Carolina, he’s worked for the Upper Palmetto YMCA since 2004. He and his wife, Kristine, live in Rock Hill with their two dogs.

2017-2018 Come-See-Me Festival Board of Governors

Amelia Anderson, Immediate Past Festival Chair
Erika Bell, Past President
Brandon Berger, Member at Large
Melissa Cassell, Member at Large
Jennifer Childers, Member at Large
Alice Davis, Board Vice President
Chad Echols, 2018 Festival Vice Chair
Freddy Faircloth, Member at Large
Susan Golder, 2018 Festival Vice Chair
Brian Hovis, Immediate Past President
David Linder, City Representative
Paul Lindsey, Member at Large
Gene Lucas, Member at Large
Neal Miller, Winthrop University Representative
Trey Moore, Member at Large
Nicki Nash, Board President
Angie Perry, Former Festival Chair
Joe Sprouse, Member at Large
Tim Sturgis, Member at Large
Lamar Thompson, Member at Large
Chet Tucker, 2018 Festival Chair
Brian Ullrich, Treasurer
Matt Watson, Festival Chair Nominee
Emily Smith, Festival Administrator

2018 Team Leaders

Chet Tucker, Chair
Chad Echols, Vice Chair
Susan Golder, Vice Chair
Becky Ammons
Jim Armour
Jim Austin
Sara Blancke
Corrie Brannan
Kenny Brazzell
Kennedi Christopher
Allison Cleveland
Windy Cole
Merritt Croom
Michelle DiEduardo
Melissa Faile
Jennifer George
Tom Glenn
Jami Goins
Shelly Goodner
Lee Hamilton
Chris Hood
Whitney Hough
Brad Howey
Ally Hunt
Cindy Hunt
Drew Jackson
Beth Janicke
Nikki Jones
Ashley Lang
Jack Leitner
Tara Lewis
Alison Mallard
Nate Mallard
Shannon Martin
Leah McCraney
Lucas McFadden
Susan Miskelly
Roger Owens
Stewart Parker
Ashley Peeples
Regina Price
Faith Ramsey
Teresa Rector
Rebecca Rogers
Kelli Shannon
Caroline Smith
Erica Smith
Kenny Smith
Tiffany Staton
Chrissy Steen
Wendy Stewart
Allison Teno
Molly Wallace
Chandra West
Bara Wetherell
Amy Peeler Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Jenna Woods
Emily Smith, Festival Administrator

Come-See-Me Festival Past Chairs

1962                C. H. “Icky” Albright (deceased)
1963                C. H. “Icky” Albright (deceased)
1964                Joe Wise (deceased)
1965                Joe Wise (deceased)
1966                Johnny Gill (deceased)
1967                Johnny Gill (deceased)
1968                Charles Cauthen
1969                John Godbold, Jr.
1970                Jim Bowman
1971                Tom McKinney
1972                Ned Albright
1973                ———–no festival———–
1974                ———–no festival———–
1975                Richard Roof
1976                Willie Stephenson (deceased)
1977                David Vipperman
1978                Joe Lanford
1979                Charles Hall (deceased)
1980                Mike Bailey
1981                Buddy Grimes
1982                Jack Holeman
1983                Ed Thompson
1984                Harold Peeples
1985                Doug Echols
1986                Linda Williams
1987                Wayne Wingate
1988                Vicki Huggins Cook
1989                Ann Terry
1990                Betty Plumb
1991                Jerry Handegan
1992                Phil Land
1993                John Taylor
1994                Sue Love Boulware
1995                Kim Climer
1996                Bob Norwood
1997                Allan Miller
1998                Moe Bell
1999                Angie Perry
2000                Dan Boone
2001                Jane Hayes
2002                Ann Skar
2003                Sherry Martin
2004                Mikki Rentschler
2005                Jimmy Freeman
2006                Andrea Cooper
2007                Mark Sexton
2008                Margaret Wallace
2009                Cameron “Bubba” Bailey
2010                Catherine Hicklin Faircloth
2011                Matt Watson
2012                Jodie Roberts-Smith
2013                Erika Bell
2014                Brian Hovis
2015                David Williams
2016                Jennifer Childers
*2017              Amelia Anderson
*2018              Chet Tucker
*2019              Chad Echols