3 Reasons You Should Attend the Come-See-Me Festival


Did you know that almost 120,000 people participated in Come-See-Me events during the 2015 festival? That total includes visitors from 23 states and three foreign countries. For over 50 years, the crowds have kept coming and our Rock Hill, SC festival has kept growing. But why has Come-See-Me become such a popular event? And why should you come out to the 2017 festival? Here are three reasons:

  1. Making memories. Come-See-Me has been around for generations. The parents who bring their children to the Mayor’s Frog Jump this year may have participated in the very same event when they were younger. They’ve hung out at the Tailgate Party and have years’ worth of family pictures in Glencairn Garden. (Don’t believe us? Check out our #tbt on Facebook!) But even if you didn’t grow up here, it’s never too late to start making memories of your own at this year’s festival.
  2. Enjoying the city. Rock Hill’s transformation from a small town to a vibrant city is definitely on display during Come-See-Me. Events and activities are held at venues that showcase both the history and the growth of our area. Historic Old Town is home to many of the celebrations, as are many of our outstanding new recreational facilities, including the Giordana Velodrome.
  3. Discover something new. Maybe you’ll accomplish a personal goal by running in one of the Come-See-Me Road Races. Or maybe you’ll find your new favorite band at Moonlight Jazz & Blues. From culture to fitness to food, our festival has something for everyone.

Ready to see what all the fun’s about? Mark your calendars for the 2017 Come-See-Me Festival beginning April 20!